Decentralized meme tokens with utilities & burning mechanisms. Collectible NFT and Gaming.
Animals and wildlife friendly.
is the BSC utility token for the Crypto Doggy Ecosystem
During the Initial Dex Offering, most of the total circulation was sold out in just three seconds. With over 16,600% price increase from IDO price, this token has been considered as one of the most successful IDOs on Bakeryswap. There is a fair and decentralized distribution of the entire tokens, as only a few tokens are left for initial liquidity providing, reward to designers and communities, marketing and development.
Crypto Doggy NFTs
the unique collectible NFTs
Crypto doggies are 10,000 procedurally designed NFTs in gif format with cute animation by top-notch artists and they can be minted by burning Doggy tokens. Each of the NFTs is unique with spectacular traits like dog breed, color or accessories.
token will also help animal care related projects.
BARK is a stand-alone token that allows users to buy Barking NFTs and listen to the barking sound. Just like Doggy in Crypto Doggy NFTs, the tokens used for the initial purchase of Barking NFTs will be burned. Another interesting aspect is that users are allowed to play Barking sound at a cheap cost, but all the income goes to the community.
Barking Sound NFTs
are an NFT innovation.
Barking NFTs are 10,000 unique barking sounds, each with a cartoon dog barking animation video created by a professional artist from BakerySwap's NFT art community. These 10,000 unique sounds are special because they are the first of their kind.
(COMING SOON!): The NFTs will be more than NFT collectibles soon!
A game that initially will allow you to walk your dogs and bark at other dogs, which will consume doggy and bark tokens, and that will evolve with time into more exciting scenarios.
5% BURN from every trasanction
There more NFT trading, the more $DOGGY burning!
5B total Supply
Besides the Supply is programmed to reduce through different burning mechanisms.
BSC Meme Token with Utility
Unlike other meme tokens, DOGGY remains in high demand because of its series of utilities.
100.000 DOGGY burn for every purchase from doggy shop
Once sold out, they will only be available at NFT Marketplace.
10.000 unique NFTS
100.000 DOGGY burn for every purchase from doggy shop
Staking activities
You can earn promotional tokens by farming or staking DOGGY on BakerySwap.
Token Supply
BARK token has a total supply of 10B which is designed to reduced over time through a burning mechanism.
Burning Mechanism
Each time Barking NFT is purchased, all the Bark tokens used for the transaction will be burned. This mechanism ensures constant reduction of Bark token’s total supply. Help Animal & Wildlife care
10B total Supply
Besides, this number is programmed to reduce through different burning mechanisms.
Playing Barking Sounds will help Animal Care!
❤️ 80% of the cost of playing Barking Sounds will be given to animal related charity projects. The other 20% will burn! So both the token community, and also society can benefit from it. ❤️
Cryptodoggies NFT, including Barking Sounds NFT, are more than exclusive NFT
collectibles designed by BakerySwap featured artists.
A whole game is going to be built around them, to improve not only the utility of the NFTs but also the
burning mechanisms, as playing the game will consume $DOGGY and $BARK tokens.
Take a look at one of the first scenarios.👆🏼
Soon you will be able Walk your dogs and bark at other dogs!
How do I buy Crypto Doggies NFT?
Crypto Doggies NFT are only available on the Bakeryswap, in both the Doggy Shop at the Gamification Tab (First 10,000) and the NFT marketplace (Reselling). You need DOGGY to be able to purchase any of the Crypto Doggies NFTs as they cannot be bought with any other token. To buy, connect your wallet to the Bakeryswap platform, head over to the Gamification section or the NFT Marketplace, under Gamification NFT, click on “Doggy NFT” and make your choice.
What can I stake from the Crypto Doggy ecosystem?
Currently, you can stake Bark to earn TLM, DOGGY to earn TLM, BARK-DOGGY BLP to earn BAKE, DOGGY-BNB BLP to earn BAKE.
What happens when all the DOGGY NFTs are sold out with respect to burning?
When the entire 10,000 Doggy NFTs are sold out, burning of Doggy tokens won't stop. There will always be 5% burn on each DOGGY transactions
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